On October 20th, vote Anita Ansari for New Westminster School Board Trustee.

I love New West. 

Serendipity, circumstance and a little luck may have brought me here twelve years ago. Staying has been a matter of choice, commitment and community.

My passion for strengthening the fabric of our community deepens with every new step my children take, each opportunity I volunteer my leadership, and each time I facilitate someone’s ability to connect their voice and ideas to plans and decisions in our community.

As an administrator of the 2,900 mama-strong New West Mom’s Group, I listen and create space for the conversations mothers are having in this city every day. I co-chair the Board of St. Barnabas Daycare Society because I understand the importance of access to affordable, licensed and equitable child care in my life and for young families. My volunteer service with St. John Ambulance has connected me with residents and the events and activities they undertake to help our community thrive.

The world around us is changing. I want my children to be prepared for the challenges that life will throw at them. The place I see most capable of giving our children the skills they need is school. How can we support our kids on their very different journeys to rise up to face whatever the future holds for them? What can we do as a community to help?

I believe in leading from the heart, collaborative discussions, the importance of community and nurturing strong learners. Our children deserve an amazing education. Join me.

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